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For years the Ford Motor Company followed Henry Ford's conclusion that one good model of an automobile, made correctly, would be good for everybody. The company followed that philosophy with its tractors until 1954 when it launched a series of different models geared for different agricultural uses and budgets. By 1961, the descendants of one those tractors was marketed in the U.S. as the Ford Dexter or the Ford 2000 Diesel.

Name Confusion

There is often confusion over the name of the 3-cylinder diesel tractor that Ford Motor Company manufactured under the name Fordson in its factory at Dagenham, England, from 1957 to 1964. The tractor was called the Fordson Dexta in the U.K. In the U.S., after 1961, it was marketed as the Ford Dexter and also the Ford 2000 Diesel.

Predecessor Tractors

In 1957, Ford replaced its 600 series of tractors that had 134-cubic-inch engines with a spruced-up model, adding a 1 suffix to its 600 and 800 series. This made them Ford's 601-801 line of tractors. The 601 tractors were considered underpowered, so Ford marketed the Fordson Dexta in 1958 featuring a Perkins 3-cylinder diesel engine.

2000 Series

In 1961, Ford replaced the Fordson Dexta 601 line of tractors with its 2000 series, marketed as the Fordson Super Dexta in Europe and the Ford 2000 Diesel in the US. Ford changed the paint from red and white to blue and white. In 1962, Ford increased the horsepower of the engine of its 2000 series to 32 horsepower.

Technical Data

The Ford Dexter 2000, aka Ford 2000 Diesel, has a wheelbase of 71 inches and weighs 3,100 pounds. It has a 144-cubic-inch, 3-cylinder Ford-Perkins diesel engine that generates 32 horsepower. It has a fuel capacity of 9.5 gallons. Its hydraulic lift can hoist 1,850 pounds.

Serial Numbers

The serial numbers of the Ford Dexter 2000 tractor are found on the lip of the flange that connects the clutch to the engine; this is located on the left side of the tractor. The serial numbers for the 1961 tractors begin with O9A; the first tractor made in that year was 09A 312001M. The serial numbers for 1961 begin with 09B; the first 1962 tractor was 09B 070000A. The 1962 tractor serial numbers begin with 09C; the first tractor was 09C 731454A. For 1964, the prefix was 09D and the first tractor was 09D 9000000A.

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