Lawn Sweeper vs. Grass Catcher


Maintaining a lawn can be a lot of work, but fortunately equipment is available to help the homeowner. Grass catchers and lawn sweepers are used for completely different tasks. Grass catchers collect grass clumps so that they do not overwhelm the grass and prevent the grass from absorbing carbon dioxide and sunshine. Lawn sweepers help speed up the leaf-sweeping process and can also sweep up a variety of other things such as twigs and debris.

Lawn Sweeping

Removing leaves and other debris from the grass is beneficial to the grass because the grass can then collect more sunlight and absorb more carbon dioxide. Areas with less leaves are safer to walk through, since there is less of a risk of tripping over the leaves. Also, leafless lawns look more attractive. Lawn sweepers are designed more for cleaning up leaves, with the grass catchers being not as effective for this purpose.


Lawn sweepers help homeowners collect leaves, which saves them time. The lawn sweeper operates just as efficiently as a lawn mower when collecting leaves and other debris. The lawn sweepers are more efficient for cleaning up leaves than the grass catcher.


Lawn sweepers operate like vacuum cleaners and suck up the leaves. A rotating brush sweeps the leaves into a collection box in the back. Some are hand-powered, some are electrical and some are pulled by a tractor, which can be beneficial with very large lawns. Lawn sweepers can also be used for cleaning up patios and other concrete areas of debris, so they are versatile. Grass catchers only come in the mower variety.

Emptying Out Bags

With grass catchers, the bin in the back of the grass catcher has to be frequently emptied out, according to the Grass Catcher website. Lawn sweepers do not have to be emptied out as often.


The grass catcher has more moving parts than the lawn sweeper, so the grass catcher will have to be maintained more often. Loose screws have to be tightened. Rust has to be dealt with. Parts eventually wear out and have to be replaced, according to Grass Catcher. Lawn sweepers also need to be repaired from time to time, though they don't have as many moving parts.


Lawn sweepers have replaced leaf blowers, since leaf blowers create pollution and also produce a lot of noise, which is what has caused leaf blowers to be outlawed in many areas. Grass catchers do not necessarily need to be used unless the grass grows too long and cuts in clumps.

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