The Growth of Ivy & Pole Beans


Climber plants like pole beans and ivy plants are ideal in city gardens, where space is limited. Gardeners can use trellis or building walls for support. They are relatively easy plants to grow once they've become established and require little more than water and light to survive.

Planting Ivy

Ivy should be planted in full shade away from other plants that it could possibly take over and strangle. It is a very efficient plant when grown as ground cover, able to thrive in tough, nutrient-deprived soil. It can be planted directly as a seed, although this is a difficult process and can take multiple attempts to successfully achieve. Container ivy plants are inexpensive and easy to grow.

Ivy Plants

Ivy plants prefer more shade than sun. The most popular breed, English ivy, is a perennial that can climb both upward and horizontally across the ground. It is a hardy plant that loses its leaves during fall and regrows them during the spring and has an extensive, durable root system.

Planting Pole Beans

Pole bean seeds are mixed with a natural bacteria known as inoculant which aids the germination process. They require enough space to allow airflow between the plants and should be planted in seed trenches. They require 50 to 60 days to properly germinate and should be planted 2 inches deep and at least 2 inches apart.

Pole Bean Plants

Pole beans grow on a vine rather than as a bush like other varieties. They take up less space and are ideal for small gardens. They grow either as annuals that need to be replanted each year or as biennials that are replanted every other year. Pole beans, unlike ivy, prefer full sun or partial shade and well draining soil. Wait until soil temperatures average at least 65 degrees Fahrenheit before planting.


Trellis are important supports for growing pole beans and some ivy plants. A trellis, stake or bamboo tent can be placed in the ground before seeds are planted to provide support for seedlings once they have sprouted. Once the new growth has become long enough to reach the trellis, gardeners should help it onto the support.

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