Reel Mower Vs. Electric Mower


Gasoline-powered mowers can release a lot of carbon emissions and noise, so many homeowners consider getting an electric mower or a reel mower. Both are considerably quieter, but the reel mower corners the market on quietness and environmental friendliness. However, there are many benefits to electrical mowers over reel mowers.

Ease of Use

Reel mowers are very light and easy to move around, while electric mowers tend to be heavier. While the electric mower does much of the turning for you, the electric mower is heavy, which can make it difficult to push on inclines. However, reel mowers can also be pulled by a tractor, according to Clean Air Gardening. Reel mowers aren't as good for large properties because they're operated manually, which can become exhausting covering all of the land. They're also not as good as electric mowers on properties with a lot of rocks and other hard objects, which can damage the reel mower.

Environmental Friendliness

Reel mowers are more environmentally friendly than electric mowers because electric mowers use electricity that's often generated using fossil fuels, according to Clean Air Gardening.

Grass Cutting

Reel mowers cut the grass, while electric powered mowers tend to tear the grass, according to Clean Air Gardening. Reel mowers spin vertically and use blades that are like scissors to cut grass. As a result, reel mowers tend to make the lawn look healthier and more attractive when the grass is first cut, according to People Powered Machines. However, after a few days, the grass looks the same, regardless of which mower is used.


Reel mowers are easier to maintain than electric mowers because there are fewer parts to maintain, as opposed to an electric mower, where spark plugs can wear out, according to Clean Air Gardening.

Mowing Frequency

When pushed by people, reel mowers don't cut high grass as well as electric mowers, making them better suited for lower grass, according to People Powered Machines. Grass has to be mowed more often with reel mowers. Only mowing the grass on the weekends can cause the grass to get too tall for the reel mower. Then, the reel mower only pushes the blades of grass back instead of cutting them, according to Rodale. The electric mower, on the other hand, can be used only once a week. Reel mowers, however, provide a better exercise than electric mowers, according to Rodale.


Reel mowers produce hardly any noise and are less likely to irritate the neighbors. Electric mowers no not produce very much noise themselves, according to Rodale.

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