The Effect of Soapy Water on Money Plants


In nature, the money tree can grow up to 60 feet in height. Originating from South America, the money tree is also known as the Malabar chestnut or Pachira aquatica. An evergreen and a slow-growing tree, the money tree is often used in potted plants as a bonsai creation. The plant is generally easy to care for and it is thought that the money tree brings prosperity to the home where it resides.

Gray Water

Gray water can be used to water the money tree in certain circumstances. According to, gray water is all the wastewater from your home with the exception of the toilet wastewater. Gray water can contain contaminants such as dead skin, food waste and soap residue, most of which provides nutrients to plants.

Filtering Soapy Water

If you plan to use gray water in the garden and on outdoor money trees, the water should pass through a filter such as mulch first. Because outdoor plants are not constricted, water that contains soap residue can be used without any harm to the plants.

Potted Money Plants

Although soap residue can provide a plant with phosphorus, soapy water should not be used to water money plants that are in pots. The soap can quickly make the soil toxic, according to Bob Dobbs from He states "it is not a good idea to use soapy water in watering potted plants. The quantity of soil or planting media in a pot is very limited, and continuous use of soapy water will quickly make that soil 'toxic' with a whole host of various substances contained in soap."

Creating Healthy Gray Water

Although gray water can be used on outdoor plants, certain household chemicals should be avoided to prevent harm to plants. states that sodium, chlorine and boron should be avoided because they can be immediately harmful to plants or can accumulate over time.


The use of soapy water on money trees can be beneficial because it can provide phosphorus to the growing plant, but only should be used if planted outdoors. Potted plants do not have enough space or drainage and the soil can quickly become toxic if soapy water is used. Money trees do not require a lot of water and recycled water should not be used on indoor plants.

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