What Is Potting Soil Plus?


Potting Soil Plus is a soil manufactured and sold under the Schultz brand name, part of the Spectrum Family of garden and outdoor products. It is widely available in garden supply centers. It is also available seasonally in stores that do not specialize in gardening products, such as supermarkets.


Schultz Potting Soil Plus is designed as an all-in-one solution for gardeners. To that end, it incorporates spaghnum peat moss, perlite, plant food and organic soil amendments into the soil mixture to create a rich planting medium suitable for most plants. Schultz states on its website for Potting Soil Plus that this soil works well for vegetables, seedlings and houseplants. This soil is designed to retain moisture, yet have excellent drainage--qualities that are beneficial to most plants.

Time Frame

Because Schultz mixes its proprietary Extended Feed Plant Food into every bag of its Potting Soil Plus, plants living in this soil might not need additional food for up to nine months. If your plants have specialized nutritional needs, check with your local cooperative extension service office to see whether the fertilizer requirements of your plants are compatible with Potting Soil Plus.


Schultz has made the soil available in 4 quart, 8 quart, 16 quart, and 1 and 2 cubic foot bags. Potting Soil Plus can be purchased from most places that sell gardening supplies, including large national retailers such as Lowe's and Home Depot as of 2010. Stores that do not normally carry potting soil but sometimes stock gardening supplies in spring may also carry it. Check with your local retailers to see what sizes are available.


Spaghnum peat moss is largely harvested from Canadian peat bogs, after having taken thousands of years to form. Because of the unique ecosystems that have formed around peat bogs, there is has been controversy regarding the ecological sustainability of all peat moss, including spaghnum. Peat bogs take many years to form, therefore some scientists say that using peat is not environmentally friendly. Peat is prized in horticultural uses for its extreme moisture retentive abilities. Other commercially available alternatives, such as coconut coir (hairy husks from coconut shells, sometimes called "coco peat") are available.


Gardeners can about the spaghnum peat moss controversy before making decisions whether to use products that contain it, such as Potting Soil Plus. Schultz's product is a good option for convenience, but less so if it violates your personal feelings toward ecological sustainability.

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