Organic Hydroponic Culture


For people who live in apartments and have limited outdoor space, hydroponic gardens are a chance to grow fresh, healthy fruits, vegetables and herbs. If gardeners are particularly concerned with healthy, they take the extra steps to grow their hydroponic plants organically.

Hydroponic Setup

Hydroponic gardens utilize contained pots and systems to support plants during their growth. These systems also use non-soil foundations like peat moss, vermiculite and fern matter instead of garden or potting soil. They often employ lighting systems especially designed for hydroponics for indoor gardening.

Hydroponic Nutrients

In hydroponic systems, the lack of soil leads to a lack of nutrition for plants. To counteract this problem, and give plants the nutrition they need to grow, hydroponic gardeners add hydroponic nutrient solutions to the water. These solutions contain different amounts of the vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients necessary for plant growth, and replace both the soil and fertilizer of the outdoor garden.

Organic Growing

According to the Organic Gardening Guru, organic gardening uses only animal and vegetable matter, and avoids synthetic additions in soil and pesticide. In the outdoor gardens this pertains to soils, compost, pesticides and mulch. In hydroponic gardens it pertains mainly to hydroponic nutrients.

Organic Hydroponic Nutrients

Standard hydroponic nutrients equate to standard synthetic fertilizer, and are not used in organic hydroponic gardens. For organic hydroponics gardens, gardeners use specially produced organic hydroponic nutrients. These nutrients use natural substances like fish emulsion, seaweed, organic compost tea and fruit extracts to keep hydroponic plants organic.

Other Considerations

Hydroponic nutrients are not the only consideration in organic hydroponic gardens. Gardeners must make sure their plants get adequate lighting and use only pure water. Gardeners cannot use any synthetic pesticides on their plants during growth.

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