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A company called Spring-Green Lawn Care Services aims to cater to the individual landscaping needs of businesspeople and homeowners. With a variety of conventional and organic services, the company offers several solutions to common concerns and problems in the landscape.


Spring-Green Lawn Care Services provides a variety of services, including fertilization and enacting of weed-, insect- and disease-control measures. These services are available to homeowners and to businesses, parks and municipalities as well. Spring-Green does not do landscaping or lawn mowing, however.


The company was founded in 1977 in Naperville, Illinois. Since that time, it has expanded through neighborhood franchising to cover over 7,500 neighborhoods across the U.S., as of September 2010. Each franchise is independently owned and operated, so the accountable parties for each business live in or near the neighborhoods they serve.


Spring-Green Lawn Care can take care of many of the worries of home ownership that involve good stewardship of your land. The company offers both conventional and organic lawn- and tree-care services and claims to operate "the way you would, if only you had the time." According to Spring-Green Lawn Care, well-kept lawns and trees can increase your home's value by up to 15 percent.


Lawn mowing and landscaping services must be performed either by the homeowner or someone else; Spring-Green Lawn Care does not provide these services. However, the services they do offer can complement the mowing and landscaping process. While it's a nationwide company, you should check Spring-Green's website to see if services are available in your area. Some areas may not be covered, since it is a neighborhood-based franchise.


Incorrect soil acidity levels, grubs, insects and disease are problems that can afflict any lawn. Spring-Green Lawn Care says it hires only trained, licensed professionals who can diagnose and treat these problems. Application of agricultural lime can help adjust soil acidity levels, which will boost the green appearance of your lawn while improving its health. Grub, insect and disease control can stop existing problems and prevent new ones from starting.

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