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Greenvale Plant Food is made in Yorkshire, England, and is available through online organic garden products distributors. The United States does not certify fertilizers within the USDA National Organic Program, but Greenvale Plant Food is certified by the British equivalent organization. Organic plant food is created from all natural sources and does not contain synthetic chemicals.


Greenvale Plant Food is made from free range chicken manure and calcified seaweed. Its NPK ratio is 5-3-3 plus Calcium. NPK is the standard fertilizer labeling system that gives the nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium ratio content. Plants need these three nutrients in the highest amounts. Synthetic fertilizers often contain only those nutrients. Organic fertilizers contain a wide spectrum of nutrients from the essential 17 that plants need to thrive.


Greenvale Plant Food is certified organic by the Organic Trust, a United Kingdom certifying agency similar to the USDA National Organic Program. The Organic Trust was started in 1991 in Ireland by a group of dedicated organic producers, and it has grown into a national program for certifying organic growers, producers and distributors. "The Certification Panel reviews every single inspection report produced by our Inspectors on an anonymous basis to maintain a totally unbiased approach," according to the Trust website.

Plant Nutrition

Boron, sulphur, zinc, iron, manganese, copper, molybdenum and manganese are also contents in Greenvale Plant Food. Boron aids in the production and transport of sugar and starch in plants, copper is a catalyst for enzyme and chlorophyll synthesis, and molybdenum assists in nitrogen fixing. Nutrient deficiency symptoms include stunted growth, yellowing leaves, yellow spots and thick cupped leaves.

Soil Nutrition

Soil amended with organic plant food makes nutrients available to plant root systems slowly, in a measured pace from which the plant can benefit. Plants are fed through the nutrient content of the soil rather than by synthetic chemicals that go directly to roots. Beneficial organisms ingest the nutrients and release them to plants in a usable form.


Greenvale Plant Food is manufactured in pellet form. In new gardens, it is worked into soil in the autumn and overwintered for spring planting. Shrubs and fruit trees benefit from fertilizer applied in autumn and at the start of the growing season. Spread the pellet plant food on the lawn in March and again in June, according to package directions. Vegetable gardens require organic plant food as a top dressing applied monthly during the growing season.

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