Wooden Gardening Tools

People have made and used wooden garden tools for hundreds of years. Most garden tools today are mass-produced from aluminum and steel with wooden handles, and handcrafted wooden tools are considered a luxury. Wooden garden tools are usually made of hard woods that become smoother with use and last indefinitely. Some, such as wooden rakes, have replaceable parts that prolong their usefulness.


Dibbles, which were used by the ancient Romans, are the most common of the wooden garden tools. They are pointed sticks, often cone-shaped, that are used to drill holes in the soil for seeds, bulbs and small seedlings. Bramfield Crafts offers a basic solid wood dibble with a round handle for comfort and depth markings along the cone. The dibbles from Chagrin Valley Soap and Craft Company also have round handles. They are hand-turned of hard maple or red oak and finished with natural beeswax. Expressions in Wood has dibbles that are handcrafted from Eastern Maple with ball-shaped handles. The dibbles from Real Green Goods have longer handles and are made from recycled wood, mostly pine.


Wooden rakes are good for removing small rocks, breaking up dirt clods, smoothing garden beds and marking seed rows. Scythe Supply offers rakes with replaceable teeth made of durable ash and hardwood handles attached to the heads with steel bows. The hay rake is designed to gather hay and new mown grass, while the lawn rake is designed for shorter grass. The landscaping and grading rake has reinforced steel struts for extra support for removing rocks and leveling soil. The short stuff rake is a narrow rake for use between garden rows and light weeding.

Other Items

Bramfield Crafts also offers several other small wooden garden tools, such as a string and scissors holder made of solid wood with a lacquered finish. The cane topper is designed to hold the ends of four canes together to form a teepee shaped trellis. It is made of solid ash or beech and has a teak oil finish. The plants labels made of smooth sanded wood can be written on with marker or pencil. These items would fit nicely in a toolbox made of recycled wood from Bambeco. The box has two sections and is available in white, blue or green.

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