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Echo has been a leading manufacturer of outdoor power equipment for more than 30 years. Some of their more popular tools are chain saws, string trimmers, edgers and leaf blowers. Used by both homeowners and commercial businesses, Echo continues to represent durability and quality. Echo string trimmers are a quality tool. However, even the best made tools break down now and again. When your Echo string trimmer needs repair, there are a few things you should know.


Check your warranty information if your string trimmer needs repair. Most Echo equipment is warranted for five years for homeowner use, and two years for commercial use. If unsure, contact your dealer.

Spark Plug

Before incurring repair costs, you can do some simple trouble shooting. Remove the machine's spark plug. Check the plug for black and oily deposits, or ashy gray powder. If these are visible, replace the plug.


Another common problem with Echo string trimmers are dirty filters. Remove the air filter and clean it with warm soapy water. Allow the filter to dry, and replace it. Remove the fuel filter and replace it with a new, clean filter.

Trimmer Line

If the trimmer line is not advancing properly on your string trimmer, open up the head and remove the spool. Many times the line has been wrapped incorrectly, causing it to bind and fail to respond to the bump feed mechanism. Unwrap the trimmer line and carefully rewind it. Replace the spool.


Today's gasoline has a much higher ethanol content than gasoline of the past. This presents problems for two-stroke machines, causing them to start with greater difficulty, and to run less smoothly. When your string trimmer is running poorly and seems in need of repair, the problem can often be corrected by adding a fuel treatment to the gasoline.

Repair Shops

When the repairs are beyond your ability, consider taking your string trimmer to a repair shop. Find a shop that has been in business for several years. Ask the shop owner what his repair rates are and what kind of guarantee he offers for repaired equipment. Be certain he is certified in the repair of Echo equipment.

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