How to Use a Root Rake


A root rake is a device that pulls roots and rocks out of the ground in much the same way that someone rakes leaves. Modern root rakes are generally attached to tractors or other industrial equipment for clearing land when building or planting crops, but in earlier times they were hooked to a team of horses and used in much the same way. Some are designed with built-in cutting edges to slice through the upper layers of sod and dirt, thus limiting the rakes' penetration deep into the soil. There are several different types, with some needing to just be dragged over the ground, while others require a tractor or other type of powered equipment.

Step 1

Position your root rake in an area where the ground needs to be cleared. Decide where the raked material will be deposited, and use this place for all the debris from that particular area.

Step 2

Drag or power the rake up to make it spin, and drag all of the debris towards a collection point. Make a pile of roots, stones and other debris, out of the way and off to the side.

Step 3

Continue to drag the entire area that needs to be cleared, always piling up the debris into a collection pile for later removal, burning, or to leave it there if it is completely out of the way.

Things You'll Need

  • Tractor or other type of powered equipment with the correct attachment points.


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