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Weaver Lawn Care is a family-owned, full-service home and commercial landscape business in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area. Departments of operation include residential lawn maintenance, commercial property management, irrigation installation and landscape design and installation. The company website includes tips and resources for lawn care.


Lawn care includes collection of grass clippings, edging all landscape areas and trimming as necessary. The company reports that it blows all hardscape, decks and patios clean at each visit. Leaf clean-up takes place in late summer and fall, with leaves put into on-site collection bins. The service also includes hand-weeding and application of herbicides and pre-emergent weed killers. In spring and autumn flowers are replaced in landscape and mulch added for a finished look.


Maintenance agreements with property owners and commercial businesses include lawn and flower bed care. The company states that it prunes all landscape shrubs according to standard horticultural practices. Spring and fall gutter cleaning and drain clearing ensure that winter debris does not harm irrigation systems. Seasonal planting of annuals and long-term perennial flowers is an ongoing part of the Weaver lawn care services.


The company designs Irrigation designs for residential and commercial properties tailored to the client's individual needs. They also design sprinkler systems as add-ons to existing systems, and upgrade or repair systems. Winterization programs and automatic spring turn-on programs are available. Water-wise sprinkler designs involve the use of drip irrigation systems and low-pressure bubblers.


Landscape design enhances the value of a property. Weaver Lawn Care offers to design outdoor landscape spaces that are an extension of the personality of the owner and are easy to maintain. Knowledge of requirements of the local planting zone contributes to the choice of plant materials. Time honored techniques, trends and current styles are utilized to create good landscape design.


The Weaver Lawn Care website provides readers with lawn care advice, including the following tips. Grass comes alive in early spring and begins to need care. Fertilize if it was not done in the autumn and hand-pick crabgrass and dandelions between scheduled maintenance visits. Water more frequently during the hot summer months and raise the mower level to 3 inches. Taller cutting increases the food-producing capacity of grass and encourages deeper root development. Fall is the best time to aerate and fill in bald lawn patches with grass seed.

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