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The collectible Oliver 1755 classic tractor is part of a long history of Oliver tractors dating to the 19th century. The company coined the term "tractor" to describe the agricultural machine that has had numerous successors manufactured by many companies over the years. Loyal owners of Oliver tractors display their well-preserved machines at county and state fairs and agricultural collector shows across the country.

Early Oliver History

Charles Hart and Charles Parr of Madison, Wisconsin, manufactured small gasoline engines as the Hart Parr Company in 1897. In 1901, they moved to Charles City, Iowa, and began making what they called "gasoline traction engines" that they shortened to tractor.

Later Oliver History

James Oliver bought the company in 1929. The merger of the Hart-Parr Company with the Oliver Chilled Plow Company, of South Bend, Indiana; the American Seeding Machine Company, of Richmond, Indiana and Nichols & Shepard Company, of Battle Creek, Michigan, was called the Oliver Farm Equipment Company. The early Hart-Parr tractors had two-cylinder engines. Oliver introduced the four-cylinder Oliver Model 18-28 tractor in 1930. The company built a series of popular model 60, 70 and 80 series tractors in the years that followed, introducing the model 66, 77 and 88 fleetline series in 1948. These tractors were sold with both gasoline and diesel engines. After a series of mergers and bankruptcies, Oliver was sold to White Motor Company in 1960. White shut down the original factory of the Oliver Chilled Plow Works in 1985. The original company ended up as part of the agricultural equipment company, AGCO.

Model 1755 History

The Oliver 1755 succeeded the Oliver 1750 and was made between 1970 and 1975. A new Oliver 1755 cost $11,500 in 1975.

Model 1775 Features

The diesel engine of the Oliver 1755 delivered 86 horsepower. It had two-wheel drive with an optional four-wheel drive. An optional cab was also available. Its tank held 27 gallons of diesel.

End of the Model

White Motor company sold a rebranded Oliver 1755 as the Minneapolis-Moline model G-850. The last Oliver tractor was manufactured in 1976. Oliver tractors are now highly prized as collectible classics. The older models were olive green and fleetline yellow; the newer tractors were meadow green and clover white. There are now Oliver tractor clubs, and die-cast models are marketed for aficionados--including an Oliver 1755 collector's edition.

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