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Many gardeners wish to continue gardening even out of season, but most species of plants prefer certain kinds of weather and do not thrive when temperatures drop. Greenhouses are available that can help gardeners maintain a suitable temperature for their plants, but many such greenhouses can be very expensive. There are some kinds of greenhouses, though, such as Rion greenhouses, that are affordable and can be easily set up in a backyard.


Rion greenhouses are greenhouses that are strong, smooth and low-maintenance. They are shaped like barns and can fit in virtually backyard, according to the International Greenhouse Company. Rion greenhouses are greenhouses that homeowners can set up so that they can have greenhouses of their own.


Rion greenhouses are designed to provide plants protection from weather and temperature fluctuations. These vents also help control the amount of oxygen and air flow that the greenhouses receive. They have vents that help to control temperature flow, according to the International Greenhouse Company. Rion greenhouses are also available with louvered windows that can let air in for added circulation, according to the Rion website.


The glass in a Rion greenhouse provides UV protection so that the plants inside the greenhouse are not burned by magnified sunlight. Rion greenhouses sometimes come with nets that hang over the greenhouses. These nets are designed to provide additional shade for plants that prefer shade. In contrast, for plants that need more light, Rion sunlamps are available that can provide additional light as the plant needs it, such as on cloudy days when sun-loving tropical plants are starved for sunlight.


Plastic connectors within a Rion greenhouse are impact resistant, the company claims, adding that force cannot damage the greenhouse or knock it down. Many can withstand winds of up to 80 miles per hour and 1,100 pounds of snow, according to the International Greenhouse Company. Those who want even more sturdy Rion greenhouses can purchase anchors that further stabilize the greenhouse. Rion greenhouses are usually shipped in crates because they are made out of lightweight material and are easy to set up.


Rion greenhouse extension kits are available, and Rion shelving is available to create spaces for placing plants. These shelves come in multiple sizes and can have different numbers of tiers. Some Rion greenhouses are designed to attach to the side of a house so that homeowners can exit the home directly into the greenhouse.

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