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A couple of clover blossoms on your lawn may be attractive. When your grass gets overrun with dandelions, clover and other lawn weeds, the novelty might wear off. Control your weeds without chemicals--especially if you have children or pets who play on the lawn--by using natural grass weed killer. The keys to weed control are patience, persistence and proper care for your lawn.


Weeds that become established on your lawn suck resources from your grass. Over time, this reduces vigor in your grass. Grass can become patchy or stop growing in areas overrun with weeds. Natural grass weed killers can help you fight weeds without introducing chemicals into the ground.

Non-Selective Weed Killer

For a lawn that's entirely covered with weeds, you may need to kill the weeds and grass and start over. Using a homemade weed mat offers natural solutions for weed control. To make a weed mat, water the lawn until drenched. Then cover it with black plastic, staking down the edges with garden stakes. Leave the plastic on for three weeks to slowly cook or mat the weeds (and grass). Remove the plastic when the grass and weeds underneath turn brown.

Selective Methods

To remove weeds hiding in your lawn without killing the lawn, try applying any of the following to the area: vinegar (with a 5 to 20 percent acetic acid), boiling water or herbicidal soap. To make your own herbicidal soap, Healthy Lawn Care suggests mixing 4 oz. liquid dish soap in 2 gallons of water. Place any of these solutions in a squirt bottle and spray weeds thoroughly.

Time Frame

Established weeds often won't go without a fight. Natural weed control using a weed mat can take two to four weeks. If you're using vinegar, boiling water or herbicidal soap, you may need to spray the area several times before the weeds die.

Best Care

Keeping your lawn nurtured cuts down on weed growth. The University of Minnesota suggests modifying your mowing practices and applying regular fertilizer to increase your lawn's growth. Water the lawn regularly to provide adequate nutrients.

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