Green Plant Food for Bamboo


Bamboo is a versatile plant, with varieties that grow to towering heights in jungles and smaller variations that grow in yards and pots. Indoor lucky bamboo grows in dishes or jars of water and gravel, and is a common addition to home decorating plans. This sort of bamboo requires specific conditions for growing and maintaining its leaves.

Growing Needs

According to Quindembo Bamboo Nursery, 90 percent of bamboo's appearance depends on having adequate moisture. Indoor bamboo also needs consistent, generous feedings with quick-release fertilizer that provides nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous.

Green Green Plant Food

Green Green Plant Food is a liquid bamboo fertilizer designed specifically for lucky bamboo. The fertilizer contains acid, nitrogen, phosphate, potash, potassium and calcium phosphates for leaf color and healthy growth.


Symptoms that indoor bamboo requires additional nutrition like Green Green Plant Food include yellowing of leaves and stalks, leaf die back and stem rotting. Although indoor bamboo can survive in water alone, it doesn't have the nutrition necessary for ultimate new growth.


The Lucky Bamboo Shop suggests adding three to four drops of Green Green Plant Food every time you water. The site also suggests pre-mixing Green Green Plant Food with water.


Green Green Plant Food is not safe for people and should always sit out of reach of children. Don't put indoor bamboo in direct sunlight or outside, as these conditions will burn the plant. Too much plant food and fertilizer will also burn the plant.

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