Pyrethrin for Bugs in an Indoor Garden


Pyrethrin is a natural insecticide used to control bugs in indoor gardens. Effective in controlling a wide variety of insect pests on houseplants, pyrethrin is preferred over synthesized pesticides due to its low toxicity toward mammals. Particularly when treating a problem within your home, utilizing the least toxic methods possible is key to maintaining a safe living environment.


Pyrethrins are botanical insecticides developed from chrysanthemums. Certain pyrethrin insecticides are partially synthetic, still produced from chrysanthemums, though referred to as pyrethroids. Semisynthetics were developed to create an effective, timely release of toxins into insect pests for optimal pest control.


While pyrethrin insecticides are suitable for home use and touted for their low toxicity in mammals, they are still dangerous and pose a threat to humans and animals. Avoid inhaling pyrethrins and keep them away from infants and pets. Practice caution when handling and avoid ingestion. If any abnormal symptoms arise during or after use like asthma or headache, contact a poison control center or dial 911.


Pyrethrins are used as dust insecticides within which a powdered form of chrysanthemums or oil extracts make up the effective toxic ingredient for control of indoor bugs. The more commonly applied pyrethrins in the indoor garden are permethrin and tetramethrin, according to the West Virginia University Extension Service. Purchase a spray for application on plant surfaces.


Pyrethrins affect insects on contact. Insecticide toxins paralyze the pest bug by entering the nervous system, rendering the bug incapable of moving; however, incorrect doses or formulations result in the recuperation of the insect. The semisynthetics include added components that control the release of lethal enzymes for effective control on houseplants, according to the Cornell University Cooperative Extension.


Use pyrethrins on your houseplant if the product is formulated for use on your plant and pyrethrins are considered an effective control for your indoor bug problem. Pyrethrins are suitable for use on aphids, thrips, whiteflies, scales and mealybugs, according to the University of Minnesota Extension.

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