About Mountain Fire Andromeda Plants


Mountain fire andromeda plants are more commonly known as Pieris japonica and lily-of-the-valley shrubs. Although the plants bloom in both pinks and whites, their foliage displays a range of different colors. The mountain fire variety is so named because of its tendency toward brilliant red and scarlet colors.


Mountain fire andromeda blooms in stacks of flowers that cascade down the flower stem. The shrub also sports bright green leaves and colorful new growth, which sprouts in scarlets and pinks. Mountain fire andromeda grows from 4 to 6 feet tall.

Blooming Season

Mountain fire andromeda blooms in the springtime with snowy white flowers, and gains its name from its new foliage, which opens up through summer in brilliant shades of flame red. All foliage fades to dark green in the fall.

Growing Needs

Mountain fire andromeda does best in full, bright sun during the day, but will also grow in partial shade. Full shade keeps the shrub from blooming. Andromeda plants require completed drainage and prefer rich organic compost in their soil, to maintain acidity.

Winter Season

Andromeda plants are evergreen, and retain their foliage year round. The plant is hardy down to freezing and grows in both landscaping and wild situations in USDA zones 5 to 8.


Other types of andromeda include forest flame (a taller version of the shrub), japonica (which features pink and bronze foliage), valley rose (a pink version that stays small), and variegata (which sports green and white leaves).

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