Borer Insecticide for Fruit Trees


The larvae of insects are well-known pests that will often bore into the bark of fruit trees. Healthier trees are less likely to be attacked, but severe infestations of borers can lead to the death of the tree. There are a variety of methods to protect trees from borer insect attacks, insecticides being just one option.

Insect Pests

Three common insects that attack fruit trees are Chrysobothris femorata, Scolytus rugulosus and Scolytus rugulosus. These beetles are common borers that are common to the United States, Canada and throughout western Europe. They tend to infest the bark of fruit trees, draining the nutrients and leaving the tree susceptible to various fungal disease. Trees are left weakened and sometimes unable to sustain their own growth.

Insecticide types

Two popular insecticides for the borers of fruit trees are those that contain chlorpyrifos and those with carbaryl. Chlorpyrifos is available in various forms, such as dustable powder and emulsifiable concentration. It is a contact poison and moderately toxic to humans. Carbaryl is designed to be ingested by insects and will remove infestations already present within a tree.


To control infestations, gardeners and cultivators must keep trees healthy and fertilized. Wrapping the tree with several layers of old newspaper before adults begin to emerge in spring will help prevent egg-laying within the bark of fruit trees. When using insecticides, they should be applied monthly throughout the summer when egg laying is at its highest point.


Insecticides alone are not designed to entirely prevent the infestation of borer insects in fruit trees. Although they are effective at killing insects already present within the tree, they must often be reapplied once a month during the peak reproductive season.


Insecticides can be harmful to human, animals and the environment when use improperly. Pets and young children should be kept away from the application of insecticides. Always read and follow the manufacturer instructions when applying these products.

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