Shelf Life of Lobelia Flower Seeds


Lobelia flower seeds are well-known for being tolerant of drying. When properly stored and undamaged, lobelia flower seeds can be planted in the far future. The main thing for gardeners to remember is that to maximize shelf life, the seeds require cool, dry conditions with low humidity, heat and light.

Time Frame

The average shelf life of lobelia flower seeds is between three or four years when stored in ideal environments. Shelf life span can vary greatly depending on individual conditions of the storage environment.


Lobelia seeds should ideally be stored on cellar floors away from heat sources. Otherwise, seeds can be placed on a shelf within a root cellar. Some gardeners choose to use home freezers to store their seeds, but the ideal temperature for seeds is no lower or higher than 40 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit.


Lobelia flower seeds require humidity between 25 and 35 percent humidity. Humidity lower than that will destroy the seeds, and anything higher than 35 percent will cause seeds to prematurely spout or begin to spoil. Dried lobelia seeds should be stored in jars.


Light will stimulate seed germination, and premature germination will remove the possibility of later planting. Dried seeds require complete darkness to avoid this possible outcome.


Despite all precautions taken ,it isn't at all likely that you will obtain 100 percent germination from dried seeds.

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