How to Create Your Own Elegant Bridal Flowers


The bouquet is an important element of the wedding as well as the reception. The flowers are chosen to match the personality and desires of the bride, and the bouquet is later thrown to see who will marry next. Creating a bridal bouquet is not difficult and doesn't take much time. It can be done by a floral arranger, the bride or the bride's maid-of-honor on the morning of the wedding.

Creating a Bouquet

Step 1

Choose the flowers. Decide whether roses will be used, or lilies. Think about traditional bouquets of marigolds. Consider a bouquet of daisies for a simple touch. Think about other options, such as orchids or carnations, which are traditional. Decide on things to add to the bouquet such as baby's breath or ivy, which was used on wedding wreaths in ancient Celtic times.

Step 2

Begin with a base of white flowers, which is traditional, or a cream color. Add flowers of other colors for flair. Use the colors of the wedding in your bouquet. Consider choosing flower colors for their meanings, such as red for love and passion. Use red-and-white flowers to symbolize unity, or purple for devotion.

Step 3

Cut the flowers fresh from the garden using garden shears the day of the wedding if possible, but no more than a couple days before. Keep the flowers in a cool room or a refrigerator until you are ready to put the bouquet together.

Step 4

Start by arranging the flowers in different ways. Play around to see which arrangement the bride likes best. Begin assembling the bouquet once she decides on the style she wants.

Step 5

Cut the stems of the flowers at an angle under cold, running water. Keep the stems long enough for the bride to be able to carry comfortably. Pat dry carefully with a towel. Arrange the flowers in an attractive manner matching the bride's desires and tie it all together with a ribbon matching the wedding colors.

Step 6

Place the bouquet carefully into a very cool room or a refrigerator until needed. Use of a cooler is acceptable, as long as you can be sure that no ice or water will touch the flowers. Leave it in this place while everyone is preparing to walk down the aisle.

Step 7

Take the bouquet out and deliver it to the bride as she is preparing to walk down the aisle to the groom.

Things You'll Need

  • Flowers
  • Gardening shears
  • Towel
  • Ribbon


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