The Meaning of 'Cupola'


"Cupola" is a word for a variety of different structures. These structures tend to be dome-shaped and are often used to view sights from all angles. However, cupola-like structures have functions that can range from garden experiences to the operation of enormous, remote-controlled arms in space. Most homeowners will likely think of cupolas as both cupola houses and cupola-inspired gardens.


A cupola is usually a rounded vault that has a circular base and is often used to create a roof for a structure, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. The cupola can also be a structure of a similar shape that is found on top of the roof of a building, though this structure is more often referred to as a gazebo or a belvedere. The pavilion, a structure used for relaxation and pleasure, is sometimes referred to as a cupola, according to, a website devoted to cupola photography.


Cupolas are often places where the homeowner can escape from everyday life. Cupolas are sometimes used as shrines, such as when the cupola is placed on top of a church. They have also been used to aid inhabitants in viewing attractive features near the house, such as a garden.


A cupola house is a house that has a cupola on top of it. The gardens were usually created so that those sitting in the cupola could see the entire garden from a window in the cupola, which required that nothing blocked the window. Most of the significant plants in the garden are arranged so that they can be viewed from the cupola. The cupolas often have weather vanes or lightning rods placed on top of them.


The view provided by the cupola also helps the inhabitants see when guests are coming so that the homeowners can come downstairs to greet the guests. The lantern cupola is designed to produce a glow that that is meant to welcome visitors by generating light. The glow is soothing and helps visitors see as they walk around nearby the house. While the glass of the cupola can take in a lot of heat, opening the windows can release this heat.


The word "cupola" has referred to many other structures. Cupolas are vertical cylindrical furnaces used to melt iron into metal castings, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. The cupola is also space structure that helps space crew members get a view of a particular work area on a spaceship, according to the European Space Agency.

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