Hydroponic Culture of Cucumbers


Hydroponic gardens utilize controlled environments to nurture and maintain growing plants. They control water circulation and growing space, and are generally used only for indoor growing. These systems are especially useful for growing summertime crops like cucumbers year-round, or in regions where the outdoor temperature is too cold.


Cucumbers are summer vegetables closely related to squash and melons. They grow on vines that prefer to climb up, but will also climb outward. Cucumbers grow in both fresh varieties and pickling varieties.


According to GardeningPatch.com, cucumbers are greenhouse and indoor favorites for their success in indoor growing situations, and thrive in containers and hydroponic systems. Even in indoor situations, though, these plants can grow to over 6 feet in height or length. It's best to use large hydroponic gardens, and plant only one to three seeds per pot, to give them the room they require to grow.


Hydroponic growing uses non-soil growing foundations like peat moss, fern fiber and vermiculite to keep the area clean. These foundations are ideal for cucumbers, which require both quick drainage and adequate exposure to moisture. Sow cucumber seeds in any of these foundations at any time of year; although they're summertime crops, cucumbers can grow year-round in controlled indoor situations.


Since hydroponic gardens don't use soil or fertilizer, gardeners mix specially designed nutrient solution into the water to provide nutrition. Cucumbers do best with nutrient solutions that are heavy in nitrogen or phosphorus.


According to Vegetable Gardening Ideas, cucumbers require six to eight hours of full sun and warmth every day for growth, blooming and fruiting. Neither the water nor nutrition of a hydroponic garden can satisfy these needs, so it's important that the garden be kept in full natural or artificial lighting at all times. Cucumbers do best in temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

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