How to Build a Wooden Vegetable Crate


Shipping fruits and vegetables requires special crating to help it arrive fresh and safe to market. Wooden vegetable crates have been used for shipping produce for generations. Crates must allow enough ventilation for produce to breath, but not be so widely spaced that produce is stolen or damaged. Building a wooden vegetable crate to suit your needs is the best choice to ensure safe delivery of fresh produce.

Step 1

Cut four of the 48-inch boards in half with a miter saw. Measure 36 inches on each of the remaining 48-inch boards. Cut each marked board at the marks.

Step 2

Set up two of the 36-inch boards parallel with a 24-inch board fitted diagonally at each end between the longer boards. Stand all four boards on their short sides. Make the corners flush. Drill screws through the sides of the long boards into the ends of the short boards to connect the frame.

Step 3

Build a second rectangular frame in the same manner.

Step 4

Set up a 24-inch board to rest on its end in one corner of one frame. The board will be sticking up in the air. Drill a screw through the sides of the frame at an angle straight into this board. Fasten another 24-inch board into each of the remaining corners using the same method.

Step 5

Flip the entire construction over. Place the open ends of the vertical boards into the second rectangular frame. Fit the board ends into the corners. Attach the ends to this frame using the same method as previously. You will have a top, base and four corners assembled.

Step 6

Attach a 1-by-4 to one end of one side vertically by drilling screws through it into the top and bottom frames. Measure 1/2 inch and attach another 1-by-4 the same way. Continue this process around the entire frame, until the frame is enclosed.

Step 7

Set the plywood on top of the upper framework. Make the edges flush. Drill screws into each corner. Drill screws through the plywood into the frame at equidistant lengths. Flip the crate over and fill with vegetables.

Things You'll Need

  • 2-by-2 boards, 48 inches long, 8
  • Miter saw
  • Drill with Phillips bit
  • 1 1/2-inch galvanized deck screws
  • 1-by-4 boards, 24 inches, 48


  • U.S. Department of Agriculture: Wooden Crate Design manual
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