What are the Fruit Trees That Doves Like?

Doves are known to eat from a variety of food groups. They will eat seeds, millet, wheat and corn as well as spiders, insects and certain fruits. Many gardeners consider whether or not doves will come to roost in the trees before deciding on which of the many different types of fruit trees they will plant.


Typically found in the tropical regions like the southern United States and the Bahamas, seagrape is a tolerant tree that thrives in high-temperature climates. They grow well in sandy soils and are hardy enough to withstand high winds and sea salt. The tree's fruits are small and green and resemble grapes. As they ripen, they grow darker, turning from green to orange to red and then purple. Many species of tropical doves are attracted to the bright, edible fruit found on the seagrape tree.

Pear Trees

Pear trees grow in both warm and cool climates and attract doves. The tree can withstand cooler climates making it a diverse option for gardeners. Dove enthusiasts are known to cut up small pieces of the fruit and place it near the trees, making the process of attracting doves easier.

Pigeon Plum

Also known by its scientific name, Coccoloba diversifolia, the pigeon plum tree thrives on the warm coasts of the southern United States. It is a resilient tree that grows well in sandy soil and can withstand even strong winds. While ripening, the plums attract all sorts of hungry mammals and birds, including doves, mockingbirds and raccoons.

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