Lewis Yard Tools

The Lewis Company manufactures a line of gardening tools it markets under the Yard Butler name. Each tool comes with a "guaranteed forever" warranty that sets it apart from many similar tools the consumer finds at "big box" home improvement stores or nurseries. The company set up shop in 1954 and since its inception has grown to include corporate offices in California and a manufacturing facility in Tijuana, Mexico.

Turf Tools

Lewis yard tools falling into the turf tools category include bulb planters, compost aerators, root irrigators, cultivators and tillers. These tools capitalize on the gardener's body weight to add force from the top, which the user then combines with twisting motions to loosen soil, dig up roots or cultivate the ground. Yard Butler brand turf tools work on an ergonomic principle and attempt to minimize any negative impact on the user's back, according to the company. Some tools, such as the rotary cultivator, feature adjustable handles to tailor the tools' performance to the gardener's needs.

Landscaping Tools

Lewis' landscaping tools include sprinkler valve keys and rakes. The valve keys come in either 7-inch or 30-inch lengths. While the longer version makes it possible to manually turn on or off the garden sprinklers with little bending, the shorter landscaping tool offers an easier grip on otherwise difficult-to-turn valves. The company sells two types of rakes: the larger version features 20 tines while the smaller model comes with 10 tines. The larger model's tines are sufficiently flexible to allow the gardener to rake even through flower beds. Gardeners use the smaller model for raking underneath hedges and around shrubs.

Hand Tools

The hand tools category features short-grip bulb planters, hand tillers, weeders and whisk rakes. The bulb planter offers a cushioned grip that makes the use of the steel tool easy on the hands. In addition to a cushioned grip, the hand tiller features a sharp cutting blade and three heavy-duty tines for deep tilling. The hand tools, as the manufacturer points out for the weeder, are sufficiently sturdy to qualify for a professional grade notation. This is also true for the six-tine whisk rake, which truly sets out to provide an answer to raking up leaves and debris from those extremely narrow places the regular lawn tools simply cannot do efficiently.

Hose Storage

Hose storage tools help the gardener give the yard an organized appearance and minimize the tripping hazard that ground storage of hoses presents. Portable storage makes transport easy to various locations on a bigger property, while wall- and freestanding mounts keep the hose in the same place without clutter. This kind of storage tool not only provides aesthetic value to the garden but also prolongs the useful life of the hose.

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