Murcott Tangerine As a House Plant


Murcott tangerines, also known as honey tangerines, may be grown indoors or out. The fruit themselves are small, yellow-orange and fairly flat, and are characterized by a vivid sweetness. Murcott tangerines are delicious as raw snacks or in salads and cooking, but have some relatively specific growing needs.


Murcott tangerines are part of the Mandarin orange family, and were first developed in Florida, according to University of Florida Extension. The trees grow in an upright fashion with typical orange-tree foliage of bright green, and fruit growth at the tips of the branches.

Growing needs

A Murcott tangerine's native growing environment is South America, Florida and Mexico. They prefer warm, humid climates with full sun and temperatures over 70 degrees F. Although the trees are cold hardy, University of Florida Extension states that the fruit is damaged in any freezing temperatures.


All citrus trees are relatively successful in pots and in the house, according to Texas A & M University Extension. In many cases this gives gardeners an additional form of cold protection for their trees. Put Murcott tangerines in 20-gallon pots with drainage holes, and use a mix of compost and quick-draining soil to plant the tree. The pot will give the tree plenty of space for growth, but will also restrict its upward grow to 8 to 12 feet, for portability and house growth.

Indoor Location

Indoors, the tree must still get sufficient lighting. Put the Murcott tangerine in a bright sunny window where it will get six to eight hours of sun every day. Tangerine trees will also thrive under artificial lights, but should never sit near heating vents or fireplaces.

Indoor Care

Potted trees dry more quickly than trees planted outdoors, and the indoor environment causes even more drying. The soil of a tangerine tree should remain slightly moist at all times, with daily waterings of 1/4 inch of water. Maintain good humidity around the tree by spraying it with water in addition to the waterings.

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