How to Identify Trees of Central Texas


Identifying trees in central Texas can be an interesting but time-consuming task. Understanding tree life in your area can help you better appreciate your living environment and can help you know what types of trees can grow on your property. Central Texas is loaded with different types of trees, and with a little time and some identification tips and tricks you will be able to identify most, if not all, of them.

Step 1

Go to your local library and research the trees that are identified as living in your area. Central Texas has 186 species of trees growing there. Visit the Texas Forest Service website to obtain a list of all trees growing in the central Texas area.

Step 2

Use simple identification techniques such as bark design, leaf size, leaf shape, leaf color, buds, flowers, cones and height to identify the trees you see. Record your observations in a notebook.

Step 3

Photograph the different trees you find and compare your photo with photos in literature in your library.

Things You'll Need

  • Notebook
  • Camera


  • Texas A&M University: Texas Tree Types
  • University of Texas: Trees of Central Texas

Who Can Help

  • Texas Forest Service
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