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Dow AgroSciences markets Goal 2XL, a selective herbicide used on broadleaf weeds for both pre- and post-emergent treatment. Goal 2XL can prevent the growth of weeds or kill weeds after sprouting. Use this herbicide around various crops and on unplanted ground. Follow the directions found on the label when using this product.


Goal 2XL herbicide stops weeds around fruit and nut trees; it's applied around artichokes, corn, cotton, grapes, garlic, mint and onion plants. Three factors determine application rates: soil type; weed type; and the desired residual control, or the duration of continuous action upon weeds by the chemicals.


Apply a mix of 1 or 2 pints for orchards. Treat crops with a mix of 20 gallons of water per acre. Goal 2XL can be mixed with GoalTender in tanks for additional benefits. Apply to weeds before they reach 4 inches high.


Store Goal 2XL in areas that are not prone to freezing or excessive heat. Keep Goal 2XL away from open flames, food or consumable water supplies. Wear protective gear such as goggles, gloves, a breathing mask and a chemical-resistant apron when using this product, the University of California recommends. Replace worn or torn gloves immediately after use.


Several health hazards exist with improper use of this product. Inhalation of vapors can cause irritation of the nose and throat. Unconsciousness can occur in high doses. Contact with skin or eyes can cause irritation. Long-term exposure to this herbicide can damage kidneys and the liver.


The chemicals in Goal 2XL can cause toxic fumes when burned. You should label containers used to store this herbicide with the herbicide name and the words should "Hazardous" and "Flammable."

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