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When it comes to enhancing your lawn and garden space with an attractive border, lawn edgers and pavers are functional solutions that will create a maintenance-free divide between two spaces. The design layout of lawn edgers and pavers are only limited by your imagination, so plan your yard space using the edging materials that will work best with your lawn and home.

Delineating Spaces

Working with lawn edgers and pavers is not merely about making straight lines throughout the yard--it's a creativity project that uses outdoor materials to delineate spaces. Organic, free-flowing shapes that make a visual separation between two areas of a yard can easily make a simple space look like a well-manicured garden and landscape. Lawn edgers and pavers do exactly that--they can make a yard space feel as if you're entering different outdoor rooms and areas as you move from one area to another.

Flower and Garden Beds

Lawn edgers and pavers really make the mark when it comes to flower and garden beds. Here, they create a divide between these areas and the lawn, and if the edging is made of a bold material, such as stone or brick, the edging will accent the borderline it creates. Pavers of complementing materials will add character around and through a flower or garden bed. They are functional, too--rather than trotting on the soil or plants, the pavers serve as stepping stones along a path through the garden.

Preparing the Ground

While some lawn edgers and pavers can simply be placed in position, others require preparation work to set them into the ground. For installing plastic, metal and certain brick edgers, dig a trench with a spade or flat-edged shovel to position the edging at the right depth in relation to the lawn.

Choosing Edgers and Pavers

Edgers and pavers are available in stone, brick, concrete, plastic, metal and pressure-treated wood materials. Choosing the right material is a matter of coordinating the choices with the existing textures in the yard and around the house or building. Selecting matching materials will create a continuity and interest between the house and yard.


Lawn edgers and pavers can make lawn maintenance a little easier. The edgers and pavers create an easy mowing edge that may eliminate the need for weekly lawn-edge trimming. Since grasses spread through their roots and underground stems, recessed lawn edging will create a barrier that prevents grass from invading a neighboring vegetable garden or flower bed.

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