How to Find a House Plant


Houseplants do more than add color, texture, beauty, life and interest to your home. According to the website Greenacy, some plants even help remove toxins from your home and improve indoor conditions for allergy and asthma sufferers. Houseplants can be found in a variety of places; however, if you are inexperienced with growing houseplants you may prefer to purchase your plants from a nursery professional who can answer questions and help you make the best choices for your home and ability.

Step 1

Observe the conditions in your home before deciding what type of plant to buy. Save time and money by shopping only for houseplants that will thrive in the light, temperature and space conditions your home provides. For example, a heart-leaf philodendron will do well in low light, but its stems grow long and must be provided with a structure to climb on or the plant must be hung so the stems can dangle freely.

Step 2

Speak with friends who grow houseplants. They can advise you on the best places to find plants in your area, discuss their own experiences and may even offer to give you cuttings from some of their plants to help start your collection.

Step 3

Check the floral section of your usual market the next time you go food shopping. Many grocery stores keep a seasonal inventory of houseplants along with fresh flowers in their floral departments; however, these small departments are often unattended and expert advice may not be available.

Step 4

Purchase houseplants online by searching "houseplants" or "buy houseplants." Look for reputable sales outlets that guarantee shipping and provide adequate information about plant care.

Step 5

Visit a nursery, florist or home improvement center. Typically, these houseplant vendors will have knowledgeable employees to help you choose the best plants and supplies.

Step 6

Watch the classified ads for moving sales. Many people who are moving are unable to take their houseplants with them. Large mature plants can be purchased inexpensively at moving and yard sales.


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