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Most lawn mower owners want to keep their lawn mowers for as long as possible, considering how expensive lawn mowers are. Fortunately, many problems that lawn mowers develop can be fixed by simply identifying the part that is broken and replacing it. Most damage is avoided by purchasing a durable lawn mower and performing regular preventative maintenance.


If the lawn mower is not making holes in the ground, the spikers might need to be repaired. If the turf grass is not cutting or is not cutting very well, the rotating blade might be dull or broken, according to the University of Illinois. A gas-powered lawn mower that won't start might have a problem with the spark plug. If the lawn mower won't stop, the stop wire probably became disconnected, according to Drexel University. If the lawn mower starts initially, then dies relatively quickly, the carburetor probably needs to be serviced. An idle engine indicates that the carburetor either needs cleaning or needs to be serviced.


Electric lawn mowers are generally safer to repair than gas-powered lawn mowers because there is no gasoline that can ignite or spill. Corded electric lawn mowers usually require the least maintenance, though they can be very inconvenient for yards that are very large.


Always repair lawn mowers when they are completely drained of gasoline. Make sure that the lawn mower engine is stopped before working on the lawn mower. Do not smoke near the gasoline-powered engine or else the gasoline might ignite. Before starting the lawn mower repair, disconnect the spark plug wire, according to Drexel University. While lawn mower engines are sometimes hard to stop when pulled, they can still spark and start a fire when the lawn mower is being repaired.


Lawn mowers will not need to be repaired as often if the owner engages in regular maintenance. At the end of the season, the lawn mower's oil should be changed. The drain tank should be fully emptied. Check the air filter to see if it is dirty or clogged and replace it if necessary, according to Drexel University. Make sure that the tip of the spark plug is smooth and grey or light brown. Put a tsp. worth of engine oil into the spark plug hole.


Lawnmower engines sometimes need an overhaul, which means that the engine will be taken apart and every single part will be inspected to see if there is any damage. Damaged parts are usually replaced. Engines usually need an overhaul if there's mechanical damage, low compression, frequent oil leaks or a great deal of noise.

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