Gas Vs. Electric Lawn Mower


Lawn mowers allow home owners to quickly maintain their lawns and keep grass cut short. Lawn mowers have traditionally been powered by gasoline, but new electric lawn mowers have also been developed. While the electric lawn mowers once had their limitations, advances in technology are causing electric lawn mowers to match gas lawn mowers in popularity in some areas and exceeding them in other areas.


Electric lawn mowers are considered by many to be better for the environment because the power plants that generate the electricity for the electric lawn mowers release fewer carbon emissions per wattage than the gas powered lawn mower, according to Memphis Lawn Mowers. The electric-powered motor also uses less energy overall than the gas powered motor. The gas-powered lawn mower might also inhibit the growth of the plants in both the lawn and the garden.


Lawn mowers powered by electricity have more flexibility in how they are powered, according to Memphis Lawn Mowers. The gas-powered motor uses gasoline that comes from oil that is mostly imported. The gasoline fuel tends to get spilled when refueling the equipment, which can cause groundwater contamination and more harmful pollutants in the air as the result of evaporation.


Electric-powered lawn mowers make less noise than gas-powered lawn mowers. Many of the gas-powered lawn mowers are so loud that their sounds can drown out sounds in the house, according to Memphis Lawn Mowers.


Gas-powered lawn mowers tend to be more powerful and can cut through grass more quickly than electric lawn mowers, according to Memphis Lawn Mowers. They are also easier to get up hills and other inclines.


Gas-powered lawn motors used to be more durable than electric-powered lawn mowers, but advances in technology have made the electric lawn mowers more durable, according to Memphis Lawn Mowers.


Gas-powered lawn mowers release fumes that create a smell that is not enjoyable to some, according to Memphis Lawn Mowers. These fumes can also be harmful to one's health. The fumes released by the gasoline lawn mowers are carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and volatile organic compounds. The carbon monoxide is bad for the heart and can also cause impaired alertness. The nitrous oxide is harmful to the lungs, can cause lung infections and worsens existing lung diseases. The ozone substances can irritate the eyes and can cause asthma attacks. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a gasoline lawn mower produces as many pollutants as 43 new cars.

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