Varieties of Yellow Heirloom Tomatoes

Yellow tomatoes add variety to salads, salsa, soups and sauces. Their flavors vary from bland, mild, acidic and even citrusy. Though they are different in color than red tomatoes, yellow tomatoes grow in the same conditions. Tomatoes prefer acidic soils rich in well-rotted compost. Provide full sun; regular, deep watering; and a thick layer of mulch. Keep fruits from crowding and rotting by correctly spacing plants and thinning out crowded areas.

Topaz/Haun U

This tomato is from China and is named after the popular gemstone, topaz. Its fruit weigh up to 3 oz. and are light yellow splashed with small, green speckles. Expect high yields of mild-tasting fruits that are great for salads or for fresh eating.

Yellow Mortgage Lifter

This is the yellow version of the original Mortgage Lifter. Yellow Mortgage Lifter is a hard-to-come-by tomato with richly flavored, meaty flesh. The plants are large with high yields. The tomato is good for slicing, in salads and fried when green.

Egg Yolk

Egg Yolk is a vining variety that produces heavy yields of egg yolk-shaped, -sized and -colored fruits. Fruity flavored and small, these tomatoes work well in salads, eating out of hand, and salsas. Egg Yolk tomatoes are popular with kids.

Morning Sun

Morning Sun produces large yields of small, yellow-clustered fruits. Each tomato grows up to 2 inches with around 8 in each cluster. This is a sweetly flavored, yellow heirloom tomato.

Yellow Riesentraube

Expect heavy yields of sweet, grape tomatoes with this variety. Fruits come to a point, making this plant stand out among its peers. This is an excellent variety for fresh eating or in salads.

T.C Jones

This is a yellow beefsteak tomato. The flavorful fruits weigh up to 12 oz. and are popular at grower's markets. T.C Jones is a good slicing tomato for hamburgers and salads or for breading and frying while still green. The plants require supports, as this is a tall, vining tomato.

Furry Yellow Hog

Furry Yellow Hog looks just like its name; it is fuzzy. Acidic and citrus flavors blend, finding a balance and complimenting each other. Furry Yellow Hog bears over a long season. The fruits are good for canning, salads, salsas, sauces and eating fresh.

Golden Monarch

Golden Monarch produces heavy yields of large fruits. Each fruit can weigh up to 14 oz. when mature. This is a tangy-sweet flavored variety with attractive, golden fruits.

Striped Roman

Oblong, slightly pointed fruits are striped with red, green and rich yellow. Even though they aren't solid yellow, this variety looks nice when displayed with yellow tomatoes. Striped Roman produces meaty-fleshed fruits with good flavor.

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