List of Craftsman Riding Mowers

Yards and lawns vary in both size and landscape. With all the different jobs and applications requiring a riding mower, it is little wonder of the different types of mowers Craftsman provides. Riding mower sizes accommodate home owners, industry and contractors.

LT Lawn Series

An entry-level riding mower, the LT yard series targets medium yards of an acre or less. The riding mower comes standard with a 42-inch mower deck and a 17.5-horse power engine. Although the LT has a towing point on the rear of the mower, its design does not readily accommodate an attachment other than a small trailer or spreader.

YT Series

For lawns less than 2 acres, the YT series is the next level up from an LT yard series mower. A standard 42-inch cutting deck with discharge chute is stock equipment. At just over 500 pounds, the YT Craftsman employs a hydrostatic transmission for quickly varying mower speeds. This is a convenient option for negotiating obstacles in the yard such as trees and flowerbed edging. By design, it is slightly more rugged than the entry-level mower.

GT Series

Touted as the most versatile machine from Craftsman, according to Sears product catalog, the GT series pulls double duty. A 54-inch mower deck will quickly cover large yards of one or more acres. Additionally, the garden-series tractor accommodates all the garden tractor attachments Craftsman offers. Snow plowing, dirt hauling and garden tilling are some of the jobs the GT proclaims to perform.

Zero Turn Mowers

Intended for the commercial lawn-care professional, the zero-turn class of Craftsman mowers find service with many homeowners. The mower has the ability to turn 360 degrees in its own tracks, making this class of mowing machine the most maneuverable. Hydrostatic controls allow the operator to negotiate and mow around obstacles in half the time of a standard riding mower. The zero-turn mower, however, is not attachment friendly. It was designed to mow grass and mow it quickly, not necessarily to pull trailers or seed spreaders.

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