How to Identify Massey Tractors


Daniel Massey started building tractors in Ontario in 1847, and Massey Manufacturing Co. became one of the leading tractor manufacturers in Canada. In subsequent years, it grew to countries throughout the world, including the United States. It merged a couple times, becoming the Massey-Harris Co., Massey-Harris-Ferguson Limited and finally, in 1958, it became and is still is known as Massey Ferguson. While new Massey Ferguson tractors are easily identified, the older ones may be a bit more difficult to identify.

Step 1

Look for the logo, if any. Massey Ferguson has a red logo consisting of three triangles: one sitting on top of two triangles, like a pyramid. Massey Harris has a red circular logo with the words "Massey Ferguson" written in a perimeter around the inside of the circle and the initials "MH" in the center. The logo will usually be on the front of the tractor.

Step 2

Examine the tractor for any model, part or serial numbers. Look on the side of the tractor or under the hood on the transmission, for starters. Write the numbers down and where you found them. Use these numbers to verify whether it indeed is a Massey tractor. For example, look at the website Yesterday's Tractor Company in its database of serial numbers or in a book such as "The Big Book of Massey Tractors" by Robert Pripps.

Step 3

Take a photograph of your tractor. When you speak to other people, such as someone from your local tractor store, you can show them the picture rather than trying to describe it. Take note however, to see if the tractor has chipping paint. Your tractor may be painted over, which is not easily visible on a picture. The original color is important in identifying Massey tractors, which were often fire engine red.

Things You'll Need

  • Camera


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