TerraCycle Orchid Plant Food


Orchids are unique tropical flowers that bloom through early spring and summer with flowers that may reach 5 inches in spread. Their tall shoots, blade-shaped leaves and bright colors are both graceful and striking, but require orchid-specific care. One way to ensure happy plants and bright blooms is orchid-specific plant food like TerraCycle.

Orchid Enviornment

Orchids prefer slightly dry conditions, with good air circulation and filtered light. Keep then in peat or fern moss, in east- or north-facing windows where they get plenty of indirect light. Orchids also do well under artificial lights as long as they get temperatures between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.


Orchids do not like to get their feet wet, and suffer from over watering. Water orchids with an inch of water only when their growing foundation is dry.

Plant Food

Orchids require fertilization for both blooming and growth, but enjoy specific nutrients in their fertilizer. Most orchid fertilizers are nitrogen heavy, with formulas like 25-9-9.


TerraCycle is an orchid-specific fertilizer that comes in a read-to-use formula, which means that it doesn't require any mixing before use. This is an organic fertilizer, and contains fertilizer produced from worm waste as its main ingredient.


Orchids need consistent fertilizer applications. Too much fertilizer burns their roots, while inadequate fertilizer restricts both blooming and growth. Give the orchid TerraCycle plant food once a month. Refer to the plant food's label for directions in regard to amount and application.

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