How to Buy Mahogany Wood


Mahogany is a beautiful hardwood known for its deep red color and fine grains. Mahogany is typically used for projects ranging from flooring to designer furniture. When purchasing mahogany wood, the trick to finding a great piece of starting wood is knowing what to avoid. Many mahogany sellers will sell both lower-grade and higher-grade species of mahogany without specifying the best type for your particular project. Avoid winding up with a useless piece of wood by familiarizing yourself with the terms of the trade before you attempt to purchase.

Step 1

Go to a local wood yard to purchase all wood. This ensures you work directly with a person and can decline any unacceptable wood without reshipping.

Step 2

Inquire about the wood's species. If the seller says that the wood is either Khaya or Shorea, do not purchase the wood. These species are not true mahogany and can either warp or dull your cutting blades. The best species to purchase is Swietenia. Swietenia is grown in the West Indies, Mexico, Central America and South America.

Step 3

Check the moisture level and verify that the wood was kiln-dried. The ideal moisture level depends upon your location's relative humidity. Moisture content can range from 5 percent to 20 percent, depending on the area you live in. If you want to be especially specific, go to your local library and check out the USDA Forest Products Laboratory pamphlet #FPL-RN-0268 for the recommended moisture content for your city.


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