Tree Trimming Designs and Ideas

Whether you look forward to it, or absolutely dread it every year, trimming the Christmas tree is an important job. The tree is often the focus of your home holiday decor and celebrations, so the look of your tree can set the tone for the atmosphere you are trying to create.

Color Scheme

Rather than just choosing ornaments you like, choose a specific color scheme for your tree can really make it pop. All of your lights, garland, tinsel, ornaments and even your tree topper should fit into the scheme. A monochromatic palette, such as all white or all red, can make an impact. Two colors can work together as well, such as red and green or blue and silver. If you want to be a bit wild and unconventional, choose non-traditional Christmas colors, such as hot pink, lime green and bright orange. If you are a huge sports fan with a favorite team consider using your team colors, or you might wish to decorate in a patriotic red, white and blue color scheme.

Home-Made Ornaments

Decorating your tree with home-made ornaments gives it old-fashioned charm and sentimental value, and can save you money. This is a great option for young couples, families and people starting out with their first tree, but don't want to blow too much of the holiday budget on ornaments. Paper chains, strings of popcorn, cranberries and cinnamon sticks, recycled Christmas cards, tissue paper angels or pine cones collected from the park make beautiful tree trimmings. The whole family can get involved in making decorations for the tree and you can keep adding to it throughout the holiday season.


Use your Christmas tree to show off your passions or display your collections. Any small objects you love to collect can make a Christmas tree that is uniquely you. Small clocks and time pieces, antique tea cups, miniature figurines, small stuffed animals, costume jewelry, beaded vintage hand bags, science fiction movie figures or bottle caps converted into ornaments can be a fun way to decorate the tree. If you have such an extensive collection that most of it is packed away in a closet most of the year, turning pieces into ornaments is one excuse to put them out for show at least annually without cluttering your home.

Travel-Inspired Decor

It doesn't matter if you have traveled extensively, or long to travel some day. If there are places in the world that capture your heart and imagination, use them as inspiration for designing your tree. For instance, if the tropical islands are what call to you, trim your tree with silk tropical flowers, clip-on exotic birds and bamboo drink umbrellas. If you prefer big cities like New York, London or Paris, look for miniatures of landmarks, like key chains and refrigerator magnets, to convert into ornaments. Convert your vacation photos into ornaments. This can bring your Christmas celebration to your favorite places in the world, and you won't have to leave home.

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