White Flowers That Grow From Bulbs

Planting bulbs is a beautiful way to add variety to your garden and lengthen the blooming season no matter which planting zone you live in. Whether you are using white flowers as a way to bring serenity to a busy garden or you simply love the elegance of an all-white garden, there are many white-blooming bulbs available to enhance your landscape.


Crocus is one of the earliest blooming spring bulbs, though technically it grows from a corm. A member of the iris family, the crocus grows around 6 inches high and its flower looks somewhat like a tulip until is opens completely. The crocus comes in many colors other than white, including purple, yellow and striped varieties. It grows best in well-drained soil and adapts to a variety of light conditions. Crocus is a perfect choice for naturalizing and providing color early in the year.


The snowdrop belongs to the amaryllis family and is a spring blooming bulb. It grows in a clumping habit with foliage that is long and thin. Snowdrop flowers resemble small, white bells that point to the ground. This plant prefers moist conditions and full to partial shade.


Hyacinth is a highly fragrant and showy flower head made up of dozens of small flowerlets. It grows singularly and upright, reaching approximately 12 inches at maturity. Hyacinth belongs to the lily family and prefers rich soil with good drainage. It thrives in full sun and blooms in midspring.


Dahlias are a summer blooming bulb that come in an extremely wide variety of colors, styles and sizes. Dahlias can be as large as a dinner plate or smaller than the palm of your hand. They are popular as a cut flower and for show-stopping garden drama. Dahlias prefer rich, well-drained soil and need extra water during the hottest weeks of the summer.


The North Carolina State University reports that there are more than 80 species of lilies that range in height from 2 to 8 feet. The lily blooms in many colors, including pure white and white that is spotted or striped with other colors. Lilies thrive in moist, sunny areas and the bulbs can be planted in either spring or fall. They are a summer-blooming bulb and many varieties are fragrant.

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