English Gardening Tools

For those of us who spend hours pottering happily in gardens, it is a pleasure to discover special gardening tools that can be helpful. English gardening tools embody quality and versatility. The proof is in the traditional English garden, an idyllic spot of carefully planted wonders that does not happen by chance.

Victorian Bulb Planter

Victorian-style garden tools stood the test of time, and it is interesting to note their well-built and durable qualities are still available. Victorian bulb planters come in two sizes, short- and long-handled, fashioned from high-quality carbon steel and with hardwood handles. The long-handled design includes a foot bar and eliminates the need for bending as you prepare to plant a bulb. The bulb planter has an open-ended cone with a sharpened bottom edge to easily remove a sod of soil. Place the bulb into the hole and then redeposit the sod.

Mobile Garden Sink

A mobile garden sink that doubles as a portable work table makes good sense to a busy gardener. Several useful features come wrapped in one neat unit. There's a sink and an adjustable tap with a stainless aluminum spout, a snap-fit hose connector, plus a drainage pipe. A basin cover turns the sink into a handy working surface. The rustproof, folding steel frame has wheels for easy portability and storage. This mobile unit measure about 31 1/2 inches long by 15 inches deep by 31 1/2 inches high.

Strapped Spade and Fork Set

A strapped digging spade and fork set is useful for a gardener who prefers sturdy manual tools. The tools are solid forged in the United Kingdom and strapped for greater strength. Quality ash handles add a typically English touch of refinement.

Speedy Weedy

Weeds are the bane of a gardener's life, and there is no getting away from them because they can and do pop up anywhere, always uninvited. A swift and easy way to deal with these annoying trespassers is with a Speedy Weedy, a 39-inch long, lightweight aluminum weeder. Its length means you can deal with a weed without having to bend down and drag it out of the earth with your hands, and every gardener knows you have to pluck a weed out roots and all. Just push the Speedy Weedy down over the weed and twist. When you lift it out of the ground, it has a built-in push-plunger that will eject the weed and its roots.

Long-Handle V-Groove Cleaner

If you have a garden with a brick or stepping stone pathway, you will know that it takes continuous work to keep the pathway free of debris. The V-groove paver cleaner is 55 inches long so there is no need to bend. It picks up dirt, weeds and anything else that falls between the cracks. It has a 4-inch head is 1/2 inch wide and weighs a light 1 pound.

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