How to Identify Flowering Plants in Georgia


Georgia is the ideal climate for many beautiful flowering plants, including Asiatic jasmines, passifloras, petunias and floribunda rose bushes, just to name few. Plants can grow either as perennials, returning year to year; as annuals, growing only one year; or biennials, growing for a two-year cycle. To identify what flowering plants are growing in your Georgia landscape, compare their characteristics with the characteristics listed in a plant database.

Step 1

Locate your USDA plant hardiness zone. Georgia consists of zones 6b to 8b, with zones 6b and 7 covering the northern half of the state and zone 8 covering the southern half of the state. This will help determine if perennial and biennial plants are rated for your zone to help narrow the search.

Step 2

Observe how your plant grows and where it grows. Ground covers, vines and flowering shrubs are examples of how you can classify flowering plants that grow in Georgia. They can grow in full sun (more than six hours of sunlight), partial sun (four to six hours of sunlight), partial shade (two to four hours of sunlight), and shade (less than two hours of sunlight).

Step 3

Look at your plant's flowers. Note its colors and count the petals. Note whether it grows in small clusters or as individual flowers at the end of a stem. Observe when the flowers bloom. Flowering plants in Georgia usually bloom in early spring, summer or fall. Sometimes a plant can bloom for more than one season or produce more than one set of blooms, such as in the spring and then again in the fall.

Step 4

Look at the foliage. If they remain green all year, they are evergreen plants. If they die back in the fall, they are deciduous. The foliage may have smooth or toothed edges. They may be glossy, waxy or dull. The foliage can also be described as coarse-, fine- or medium-textured, which is determined by its size, density and how it is arranged. For example, holly has foliage that is considered coarse.

Step 5

Compare the observations you made with the list of landscaping plants on the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension website. They are divided into categories, such as ground covers and vines, and list when they flower, what zone they are hardy in, and how much sun the plant needs. If you don't find a match, conduct an image search for the United States Department of Agriculture plant database or National Gardening Association's plant finder search page. You can select some of the plant's characteristics as well as select the state in which it grows.


  • University of Georgia Cooperative Extension: Landscape Plants for Georgia
  • United States Department of Agriculture: Image Gallery
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