List of Lawn Mower Parts

Lawn mowers come in three main styles: push, gas and riding mowers. Push mowers are the most rudimentary kind, while gas and riding mowers are more streamlined. Most lawn-mower parts are replaceable, although availability depends on the style and brand.


Lawn-mower blades manufactured for consumer and commercial use come in numerous lengths and widths, with the size depending on the brand and style of lawn mower. Lawn-mower blades are made of carbon steel and have a razor-sharp edge. To prevent lawn mowers from tearing out grass, it is necessary to keep the blades sharp. Occasional professional sharpening of lawn-mower blades is required maintenance. Replacement blades for lawn mowers are available.


Push mower are equipped with two large wheels on opposite sides of the machine. Gas mowers have four small wheels mounted on the corners of the mower. The tires are created from plastic hubs that are 3/8 inch to 1 inch wide, covered with ½-inch nylon tires. Riding lawn mowers also have four wheels; however, the wheels are larger and resemble scaled-down tractor tires. These 15-inch diameter tires are air-filled and molded from studded rubber.

Air Filters

Air filters keep dust and debris from entering a lawn mower's engine, making them vitally important for optimal performance. Each brand of mower usually has a certain kind of air filter specially made for its motor. Lawn-mower air filters need frequent changing to prevent engine damage.


Lawn-mower belts are bands made of heavy-duty rubber. They enable the wheels of the mower to turn via a pulley system, which causes the blades to spin. Lawn-mower belts are available in three lengths: 3/8 inch, ½ inch and 5/8 inch. There is a wide assortment of widths for each belt length. To choose the correct style, consult the owner's manual of the lawn mower.

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