How Does a Sickle Mower Work?


Known today as the reciprocating lawn mower, the sickle mower was first used in 1831 to manage and cut large amounts of dense grass. The sickle mower was first operated by horses to cut through thick grass, but later was operated by mechanical power. In the 1960's the sickle mower was replaced by mowing machines that specialize in the cutting of thick hay and foliage. Although not as common as it was in the past, the sickle mower is still used today to complete the same job it has been doing for many years.

Step 1

Attach the sickle mower onto a riding mower or hand pushed mower using the attachment kit, according to the instructions that came with the sickle mower. Sickle mowers attach to the side of a riding mower and to the front of a hand pushed mower.

Step 2

Mow the thick grass by slowly driving/pushing through the grass allowing the sickle mower time to work. The sickle mower operates like a large pair of scissors, so going too fast will not allow the sickle mower to cut the grass properly.

Step 3

Remove the sickle mower from the lawn mower when the mowing machine has been shut off. Clean out any grass that may be stuck in the sickle mower and store the sickle mower in a place that is protected from weather.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not allow children or pets around the sickle mower during operation. The sickle mower can easily cause physical harm. Do not attempt to relieve any trapped grass or small branches from the sickle mower during operation.

Things You'll Need

  • Sickle Mower with attachment kit
  • Riding/Push Mower


  • Lawn Mowers & Accessories: Sickle Mowers
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