Woodworking Ideas for the Garden

If you like woodworking and you're thinking of a project for your garden, there are many ideas. Depending on your taste in landscaping, your project can be as rustic in appearance or as professional as you want. Not only can making your own wooden landscaping items make a good hobby, but it can also save you money, as you provide all the labor.


The type of birds should determine the type birdhouse you choose to build that you want to attract to your yard, as different birdhouse designs attract different species of birds. If you aren't a very experienced woodworker, consider buying a birdhouse kit, which you can assemble instead of building from scratch.


Footbridges make a good woodworking project for the yard. Depending on your skill level, you can build an arched bridge, a straight bridge, or a bridge with or without rails. If you have a stream in your landscaping, man-made or not, a footbridge makes sense. It also works in a yard without an established water element. Put a footbridge over a ditch or over a steep grade.

Garden Gates and Arches

Depending on the type of landscaping, you'll want a different type of gate from the Japanese torii to a trellis arch. Find a suitable gate that can be worked in wood. For instance, an Asian-themed landscaping design could easily fit the already mentioned torii or a Moon Gate.

Benches and Seating

Benches and wooden chairs allow people to sit down and have an opportunity to relax and take in the landscaping around them. More rustic benches and chairs can look like they are composed of logs, while more ornate versions can be carved with intricate designs, painted and lacquered.

Garden Swing

Garden swings are relaxing garden features. Since it is such a useful feature in a landscape, it makes a good woodworking project. If you aren't looking for a project quite as involved as a two-person swing, craft a simple, one-person plank swing with a sturdy piece of wood.


If you have a larger landscape or several interesting features in your landscape, make signs pointing out specific locations or signs pointing the way. For instance, make a sign pointing to a picnic bench. If there aren't any features that you would like to point out, consider making whimsical signs, such as one pointing to locations from children's books or fairy tales.

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