Floral Arrangements Made With Candy Vases


Fresh, silk or candy flowers work well in a candy vase arrangement, which in turn serve as nice centerpieces for weddings, showers, parties. They can also be a simple but colorful gift. Hard coated chocolate pieces, wrapped butterscotch or peppermint pieces are among the many candies that can be used in this novelty arrangement.


A large clear glass vase is the foundation for the candy vase arrangement. A second, smaller container such as a floral vase, empty recycled glass food container or drinking glass is set inside of the large container to hold the flowers. The selected candy is poured into the large outer container so it can surround and disguise the interior flower vase. The candy is also layered in colors to create a pattern or design in the vase.

Holiday Arrangements

Candy canes, striped peppermints, candy corn and other favored hard holiday candies are used for Christmas, Halloween, Easter and other holiday arrangements. Standard holiday flowers and greens are arranged in the interior container. Candy canes may be secured to the exterior of the outer vase with tied bands of holiday ribbon or lace. Layers of jelly beans compliment an arrangement of spring bulb flowers at Easter time.

Birthday Arrangements

Balloons, party horns and favors are set into the floral arrangement to enhance the festive look of the bouquet for a birthday centerpiece. The favorite candies of the birthday celebrant are layered into the exterior vase for a party centerpiece or gift.


A candy vase made from chocolate or candy melts needs special care. The floral arrangement should be lightweight to keep stress off of any seams the candy piece may have. A plastic interior vase will hold the flroal arrangement. Silk or fresh flowers with delicate or fine wire stems are ideal for the candy vase. Fresh violets, pansies and daisies are mixed with sweetheart roses for a sweet floral arrangement for a special person.


All precautions will have to be taken to prevent contamination of the candies from spilled flower water. Wax paper or plastic wrap should be wrapped around the secondary vase filled with real flowers if the candy is for human consumption. Wrapped candy is the safest snack for the candy vase. The wax paper or plastic wrap should also cover the top of the candy to prevent the greens and flowers from touching any unwrapped candies.

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