Crafts With a Grapevine Wreath & Lavender Beads

You can combine grapevine wreaths and beads in many ways for a number of different stylish crafts to decorate your home or give away as gifts to friends and loved ones. Lavender beads look particularly good against grapevine wreaths because their soothing pastel color contrasts nicely with the dark, earthy brown branches.

Candle Holders

Lain flat on a table, 4-inch diameter grapevine wreaths make lovely embellishments for glass-encased candles. Just slip a pillar candle in a glass holder right in the center of the wreath to instantly dress it up. For a little more pizazz, make strings of lavender beads to wrap around the grapevine wreath. Using faceted, translucent beads will really add to the sparkle as they catch the flickering candle light. This can make a beautiful springtime decoration to dress up a mantel or side table, or use it with a pink candle as a centerpiece for a romantic Valentine's Day dinner.

Curtain Swag Holders

Use 4-inch wreaths wrapped with strings of lavender beads to dress up your windows. Hang several of them directly above a window, evenly spaced about 12 to 24 inches apart. Pull fabric through the wreaths for an inexpensive shabby-chic window treatment. This quick and inexpensive swag project is perfect for a rental apartment or dorm as you can use discount scrap fabric, an old sheet or tablecloth, and the wreaths are light enough to hang on removable adhesive hooks that won't ruin the walls.

Classy Wall Hanging

Instead of getting a tightly coiled wreath, purchase a 12-inch to 16-inch wreath with a spray of branch ends that flairs out all the way around the wreath. Slide glass lavender beads sporadically onto the skinny twigs that stick out. A dab of clear gel glue helps hold them in place exactly where you want them. The glass beads help catch the light and have a dew-drop look, making the wreath look very classy. Hang it on a wall or door where the sun hits it and it will sparkle.

Curtain of Beads

Beaded curtains are not just for the 1960s. They can still find a place in the home today when using stylish lavender beads strung from grapevine wreaths, or grapevine swags. If using wreaths, only hang beads from the lower half and line them up along the door with the strings of beads dripping from them. Not just a door cover, you can hang them across windows, or any walls to which you want to add something glitzy and colorful to dress it up. You don't even need to create an entire curtain. Try suspending just one from a hook in a window or on a patio for a pretty sun catcher wreath. Alternately, you can position the wreath horizontally and have beads streaming down all around it. Hang it around a plain light fixture to dress it up, or set the wreath with the streaming beads on top of a lampshade.

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