Aero Herb Gardens


Hydroponic growing features an enclosed, contained garden where plants are supported in individual pots, in a non-soil growing foundation. These systems are ideal for indoor growing and growing plants and vegetables outside of their seasons. Many people use specialized hydroponic gardens to grow fresh herbs for their kitchen.


AeroGardens are specialized, trademarked hydroponic systems that feature a completely soil-free setup. Instead of using peat moss or another non-soil foundation, an AeroGarden's pods hold only the plants, to leave the roots dangling free to air and water.


AeroGardens come in a range of sizes, from 15 inches by 21.5 inches to 16.5 inches by 34 inches. Smaller AeroGardens are perfect for growing herbs, while larger AeroGardens are designed for larger tomato and pepper plants.

Water Circulation

An AeroGarden circulates water and air directly over the plant's roots via a pump and tube system. Aerators oxygenate the water to provide plants with full aeration, while the wide open setup keeps plants fresh and healthy.


Some plants are well suited to hydroponic growing in an AeroGarden, while others are not. Tomatoes, peppers, herbs and strawberries thrive in AeroGardens, while larger plants like corn do not have enough space.


AeroGardens are ideally suite for herbs like oregano, parsley, chives and thyme. These are low-growing plants that grow shallow, wide roots systems for taking up water.

Custom Herb Kit

According to the AeroGarden home site, herbs are one of the best possible crops in an AeroGarden. AeroGrow offers a specialized custom herb kit to help people start their own herb garden.

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