DIY Wood Centerpieces


Wood is an attractive alternative to the usual floral centerpieces. Twigs, sticks, branches and even chunks of wood can make a striking centerpiece, no matter if your goal is a rustic, chic, or classic look to the piece.


Centerpieces are meant to bring attention to the center of a table and can carry a theme to the table. It does not matter if your wood centerpiece is for an event, special occasion, or to simply accent and blend with the surrounding decor. A centerpiece using wood brings natural warmth and earthiness to a setting, regardless of whether it is for a formal or informal occasion.


Using tree branches for a centerpiece allows your design to have height with visual movement and flow. Branches can be used with only a few accompanied items, or as the basis for establishing the theme. Chunks and blocks of wood, either milled or left natural, are inexpensive bases for candles and small objects. Twigs and sticks are usually bound together with ribbon, string, or tulle and grouped artistically, vertically or horizontally.


Branches of manzanita, willow, dogwood or any flowering tree create attractive displays that have height and width. Wood chunks or blocks artfully arranged, sometimes with candles mixed in, can be elegant and subtle. Twigs or sticks bundles with twine or paper ribbon and grouped together make a casual rustic statement. The wood should be the dominant visual item, no matter what type and style of wood you choose to use in your centerpiece.


The effect of using wood for your centerpieces can be quite dramatic, with an eco-friendly, natural feel. The addition of texture and visual movement that wood, particularly branches, twigs, and sticks, creates will give your arrangement much more interest than most floral displays could. Wood can be used in an extremely simple manner or dressed up to include a multitude of elements.


The two predominate benefits for making your own wood centerpiece are its low cost and the ability to create a unique, one of a kind arrangement. No two pieces of wood will be the same, and you, or anyone else, will never be able to recreate your centerpiece exactly like your original. The inexpensiveness of using wood is very appealing. Most wood used to create a centerpiece can be collected from your own backyard.

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